Livio Stan

Chief Executive Officer

Livio Stan is the Chief Executive Officer of Truuli Environmental Inc. He is responsible for identifying business opportunities, strategizing growth plans, recruiting effective management teams, attracting capital, and building business value. He is also responsible for vetting opportunities and selecting those with high potential. Previously Livio served as the Chief Executive Officer of Lion Vista, Inc. Lion Vista identifies, selects, and optimizes business opportunities to accelerate growth and scale. Lion Vista partners with, or purchases, companies with significant development potential, and rapidly grow them by placing professional management and strategic investment capital. Lion Vista accelerates business profits and value by adding the fuel of leadership and capital. Livio started his career with the United Nations office in Europe and has lived on most continents. He is fluent in more than one language and has a focus on European/Middle Eastern marketing efforts through advisory presentations and facilitating financing for cross-border acquisitions.