A Vision and Its Mission

Inspired by the resiliency of Arkansas’ White River, White River Green (WRG) envisions a world where the pristine promise of nature becomes the everyday environmental experience. The Mission of WRG is to make this vision a business reality

Led by an adaptive and innovative entrepreneurial team, environmental challenges become business solutions. Carbon Capture, Carbon Credits & Carbon Trading seamlessly morph into brand value and new revenue streams. Complexities become clear, obstacles become opportunities.

Welcome to the dawn of a new business model, where profit meets purpose… Welcome to White River Green!

A Letter from the White River Green CEO,



“Crossing Over the Environmental Divide”

Change is Challenging as is the uncertainty that comes with it. With ESG, we’re called to learn a new language (e.g. “decarbonization”) and embrace unfamiliar environmental standards (“net zero”), coupled with demanding regulatory rules (e.g. FTC “Green Guides”, SEC “Rules”), and, with all this, new modes for planning and measuring business success.

We often feel we are walking across uncharted landscapes in need of a guide who knows the terrain. Where does this new economics of purpose join hands with the classic economics of profit? How do they become one and the same, crossover the divide and emerge as a new business horizon?

“Decarbonization as a Service

It can begin by reducing uncertainty through translating decarbonization initiatives into the everyday language of a business service, thereby simplifying its complexities without compromising the supporting science. Decarbonization as a Service (DaaS) becomes a set of business solutions.

Our prior experience in shaping DaaS as CEO at Truuli Environmental Inc., will inform WRG, and, with enterprise-wide resources from White River Energy Corp. (WREC), will add an even wider scope of capabilities. This will help us pursue our mission to bridge the classic economics of profit with the new economics of purpose.

By fulfilling this mission, we hope to earn your trust and become your decarbonization solutions provider, thereby providing peace of mind to each client, knowing we are there for you, whatever your business, wherever you are, whatever it takes…

Welcome to the dawn of a new business day!


What We Do

Decarbonization as a Service (DaaS)

By offering unparalleled carbon impact services that touch every aspect of the decarbonization challenge, we convert obstacles into opportunities for businesses and individuals and opportunities into business assets.






Assess the carbon footprint and its impact on the core business


Develop and implement emissions reduction projects and generate carbon and eligible tax credits


Create new revenue streams through carbon trading to increase corporate market value

Measure. Manage. Monetize™, is a registered trademark of White River Green ®

Our Carbon Challenge Workshops

Company's can also engage DaaS as a learning opportunity through our Environmental Professionals Workshops, which inform and guide members from your departments or teams through a range of business oriented carbon challenges and solutions. Real world market examples are presented, in everyday language, and each workshop's content is tailored to the department's function, Including the level of the participants and their immediate and long term department or team objectives.

Our Independent Environmental Sales (IES) Programs

WhiteRiverGreen identifies qualified candidates who wish to be self-employed. The individuals enroll in our on-line DaaS environmental learning forum, and acquire a professional understanding of the carbon oriented sustainability market. This is buttressed through our proprietary consultative approach to sales and selling which includes strategies for acquiring and managing multiple DaaS clients and our proprietary curriculum taught by world class instructors. Upon successful completion, a digital certificate is awarded

Our Team

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